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spended for one year

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International Boxing Federation was suspended for one year.Jina Devi lost to South Korea's Park in Incheon Asian Games women's 60kg boxing semifinals, because of nike air max skyline sale dissatisfaction with the penalty, but the Indian team after the game strongly protested to no avail. The awards ceremony, Devi always crying, and refused to wear a bronze medal, or even to hang on to the silver medalist Park Gina's neck. Indian Boxing Association, said Devi was suspended until October 2015, and was fined 1,000 Swiss francs (about $ 1,038). Because only been banned for a year, Devi will not miss about 2016 Olympics in qualifying. Devi coach, Cubans Fernandez because they support the protest Devi was banned for two years, a fine of 2,000 Swiss francs. In a CBA regular season last night, and away from home Fujian SBS men's basketball team lost to 101:110 Tianjin team, lost its fourth straight.Fujian and Tianjin regarded as one of the "loser", before the current round of the game, Fujian men's basketball team lost three straight, 19 games, made only four victories, ranking 16th in the standings; and while it was lost six straight Tianjin in the standings with six wins and 13 losses ranked No. 15. The two teams want to stop myself losing streak with a victory of the tide.In last night's game, the two teams played inextricably from the opening, at the end of the first quarter of Tianjin team to 28:17 lead 1 minute, until the



 end of the second quarter to 51:50 Fujian team ahead 1 point. However, the opening of the third quarter of Tianjin team will "small climax," a wave of 10 to 2 opened the score gap and stayed firmly in control of the situation in the field. Although the Fujian team launched a frenzied counterattack in the fourth quarter, but eventually reluctantly accepted defeat ending.In addition to foreign aid Fujian player Lucas scored 25 exceptionally, the performance was undoubtedly the most eye-catching Chen Linjian teenager, he shot 7 of 9 grabbed 24 points, national champion Wang Zhelin only nine points and 13 rebounds. Another aid Wright had 17 points and six rebounds, another national champion's comeback Zhaotai 5 on 3-pointers, scored nine points. Tianjin team, the foreign aid Williams had 23 points and 18 rebounds, Dolby contribute 19 points, five rebounds and six assists, Tien Lei Trey 8 nike flyknit max cheap voted 4 to get 23 points.December 19, Fujian men's basketball team will return home against Jiangsu Tongxi team, though, Fujian men's basketball team has determined that missed the playoffs, but I think they will certainly fight for honor, Fujian TV sports channel at 19:35 on the 19th will be the scene broadcast. Church on the 17th of last month by modifying the final vote canon, allow women to serve as bishops, clergy women breaking barriers encountered in the promotion process. Prior to this, 



the church but had this problem in a serious split.Chairman of the British "Women and the Church" organization Coton Hillary said she hoped the next few years, one-third of all female bishop can reach the number of bishops. "This is not only to make women wear purple to become bishop of the problem, it is a matter of changing the culture of the church as a whole." Hillary Cotton said he hoped that within a few years, women were appointed bishop can become a very the usual thing.Oxford, England, Gloucestershire, Newcastle and other parish will soon appoint a new bishop, the bishop is expected to produce the female again.UK Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the church has allowed women as bishops, but has not yet fell sharply after the appointment of women bishops Georgia, Russia announced that it would likely take new measures to stabilize the financial markets.Ruble plunged in the 16th historic new lows, but recovered some lost ground in the 17th, although trading remained volatile. Russia's central bank said in a statement then, if necessary, the central bank will be Russia's banks and financial companies to provide more   nike air max tn salefunds, and may hold more foreign exchange auction.In a statement after the Russian central bank, the ruble continued to recover in the currency market, the early afternoon on the 17th to reach $ 1 dollar 62 rubles.A day earlier, the ruble against the US dollar has dropped to the lowest point of 79 rubles.Russian Central Bank Vice President Yoda Isinbayeva said that these measures intended to balance the central bank in the foreign 

Went to the year when the

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n, a reminder years into the rivers and lakes. Went to the year when the inventory, sports magic worthy and who 2014 in sports, there is also the glow of the setting sun as gushing blood, he could feel Xueshuang Recipe there. Predecessors already accustomed to watching Moon spring, pot liquor joke spray depleted hero; xiaonianqing as I waited, although Shao Yan juvenile teeth, but also with a bit of pride and entering the arena Cumang, bite the bullet and do a "Product search", a comment 2014 sports commentary evil weapons.Upright:   nike air max 2015 womensGermany's "Ocean's Eleven array"Thirty-two major sects battle summit in Brazil, the aesthetics of violence the primary C Luo help fight home three gold left to help the head of Massey grief finals, while Germany ranked number one chariot faction eventually sit tight bit of Martial, by This is the only solution martial arts "Ocean's Eleven array." The array trusted by long-lost defending the whole essence of the play, can no front "run around the stream" can be the center "pillar", even unheard of rivers and lakes in the "guard", just like the whole truth of the Big Dipper array, although individual capacity is not the top, but it can be described using the ebb and flow, changing thousands, is one of the finest martial arts battle formation.Of course, the face of tenacious fight crazy type arena lengtouqing Algeria, Rohan FIGHTING chariot faction has nearly been "chaos killed boxing master craftsman." Fortunately, however, the arena or by routine the cards were in the majority, such as smug host, of course, the



 result is  huh.Commentary: the world of martial arts but not fast breaking, and the world to stabilize the main matrix method, relying on Germany to win the World Cup overall, it also proves that football is eleven games. Riding Alone checkpoints either you extraordinary, such as hemp, either you prevent sticking "bus" stop, in front of the sophisticated operation "Ocean's Eleven array", or just obediently their arms copies.Upright: Jiaoke Wei Qi's "Ao Tian beat""Four no" era has come to an end men's tennis, Roger Federer, "the old lady chat hair," Nadal "hardships" Murray "smoke and mirrors", the only Serbian King  odd with his "Ao Tian beat" In creating his own era.Not only got seven individual championships this year, creating the second-best career result, he was still in ATP finals in London five straight victories to achieve three consecutive years, and lock their third year-end four year nike air max 2014 womenss of the world's first honor . On the year-end integration Federer over 1500 points ahead of second place, increasingly odd top spot to sit firmly; then serve to enhance the capacity and reduce the double fault gave him Swordsman capital. The past two years he not only got rid of the infestation injuries, but their love of a father blessing. These changes make his "Aotian beat" become more human arena dreaded weapons.Commentary: tennis talent in every generation out 



odd now ushered in the outbreak period of his career. But against the current professional tennis, in addition to three other kings are still gearing up, Nishikori, Wawrinka, who is also sharpening. Want to keep his status to 27-year-old Serb still temper "Ao Tian beat" the power and refinement of internal strength.Upright: Ding Junhui of "Poseidon bar"In one hand, the world I have. In his debut year prodigy Ding Junhui, but also ups and downs along the way. Nearly thirty years of age, he was finally ushered in the year pinnacle of life. At the end of 2014, he relied on the hands of "Poseidon bar" first career crowned snooker throne of the world, but also created the first Asian player to sit on this chair record.World Snooker Association chairman Barry Hearn commented, Ding became the first in the world not by luck, but by virtue of their own efforts to pay. But in the multitude of strong snooker world, regardless rejuvenated "Rocket" O'Sullivan, still came out of the "white witches" Higgins, or the play of the year when Robertson, Selby, are the world strong challenger first throne. Ding also continue to practice, accurate and stable, ruthless "Poseidon nike air max 1 womens bar" will defend the world's first Wal-Mart.Commentary: seized political power, easy to keep country hard, living in lonely at the top. Ding skill increasingly sophisticated, thanks to a decade of experience in the political arena. A club worth magical illusion, whether offensive or defensive, can leak, can triumph in the pack. To stem the "quasi" people want "stability", bar one person

States abandon ancient Chin

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sincere hope that the United States abandon ancient China can mutually hostile policy.US and Cuban leaders were announced on the 17th, will negotiate the normalization of bilateral relations. Cuba to release the physical condition of the day worrying Gross. In addition, the  nike air max tn trainers   United States also exchanged four ancient agents.17 am, Gross aboard a US plane to leave Cuba. And he was accompanied by three traveled to Cuba to meet his American Council. Upon arrival in Washington, with the US Secretary of State Warren Gross had met.Gross thanked the US government, his wife, a lawyer and helped him to regain the freedom of all people in the conference. Turning to the relationship between the United States and the ancient, Gross said, "I sincerely hope that the United States abandon ancient China can mutually hostile policy." He said that he supports Obama about the changes to the old policy of speech. He said, "five years in prison made me understand that freedom is not free."Gross, 65, worked as a contractor for the US Agency for International Development. He went to Cuba in 2009, where the Jewish population to bring a satellite phone and network equipment. The Cuban government subsequently "undermining Cuba's independence and territorial integrity" as an excuse to arrest him. In 2011, Gross was sentenced to 15 years in prison.Gross's lawyer told the media since 2009, Gross weight dropped more than 100 pounds, 5 missing teeth, right eye almost lost vision. He also suffered from arthritis, walking inconvenience. During detention, Gross once hunger phase



 resistance. For health reasons, the Cuban government has been transferred to a military hospital in Havana for treatment.Another release of the US Secret Service officers have been detained in Cuba for nearly 20 years. Obama said it in his speech on the 17th of the "US intelligence officers Cuba's most important."United States broke off diplomatic relations with Cuba in 1961. In 1962, the United States announced that Cuba economic and financial blockade and trade embargo. Since Obama took office, relations between the two countries began to gradually "thaw." After prolonged contact, the two finally decided to conduct negotiations on the normalization of bilateral relations between the United States Attorney's Office spokesman, said on the 17th Massachusetts, a joint pharmaceutical companies 14 employees were arrested the same day morning, due to the production of pharmaceutical companies suspected drug led to the 2012 US multi-state outbreak of meningitis and caused 64 deaths. US media said that this is the  nike air max ltd mens most serious pollution of controlled drugs together because the US criminal cases.This center, called the New England synthetic drugs pharmaceutical companies founded in 1998 by Gregory Conigliaro and Barry Garton, located in the eastern town of Framingham, Massachusetts, USA. US Attorney's Office spokesman, said Christina Sterling, on the 17th morning, the pharmaceutical 



companies, including two founder, including 14 people were arrested.According to US media reports, the pharmaceutical production contaminated steroids suspected meningitis epidemic in 2012 led to the outbreak. After using contaminated drugs that pharmaceutical companies, 750 US 20 states infected with meningitis and other diseases, which, Michigan, Tennessee and Indiana, the most serious.At that time, the United States has 20 states more than 750 people sick, of which more than half of the infected with a rare fungal meningitis, and led to 64 deaths. Allegedly, when most people are back pain due to injection of the pharmaceutical production of steroids.Prosecutors said this "dirty" Pharmaceutical companies can not even follow basic hygiene standards, and staff already know. Some of them even falsify records.In the 14 defendants, the company co-founder Barry Garton and bears nike air max 95 uk   regulatory responsibility pharmacist Glenn Adam Chen (Glenn Adam Chin), accused of using expired raw materials, failed to properly sterilize the drug, has not been tested to ensure the pure drug. The other defendants charged with offenses including fraud and selling fake drugs and so on.On the 17th morning, Glenn Adam Chen in the home arrest. Earlier reports said 46-year-old pharmacist Glenn Adam Chen (also translated Chen Ge-Nan) for ethnic Chinese, in September this year, has been accused of mail 


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